Leading Corporate Performance Management Software

PROPHIX delivers the best value by combining high end functionality, low total cost of ownership, and the fastest implementations in its class. Customers utilize PROPHIX to align strategic objectives with tactical plans, and for daily monitoring, as well as financial and variance reporting. This unified PROPHIX solution fully integrates budgeting, reporting, planning, scenario management, dashboards, and in-depth analysis capabilities, providing a forward looking view of company performance to stakeholders across the organization in a single extensible platform.

PROPHIX is one application – you get all the functionality – implement only what you need, knowing that you can grow your business, without outgrowing PROPHIX.

Upgrade Excel for your BUDGETING needs

PROPHIX makes data entry simple for contributors and allows for the automatic consolidation of data, eliminating the task of gathering and linking multiple workbooks or cutting and pasting data. Create budgets using a familiar spreadsheet interface, with control and without the hassle of verifying accuracy. PROPHIX leverages a controlled workflow cycle to manage the budgeting process, which incorporates optional due dates and reminders for tasks, such as data entry, approvals, processes, or journal entry adjustments.

Allow users to add line item schedules and user comments and budget using a top-down or bottom-up budgeting approach. PROPHIX provides access to users anytime and anywhere - on the local area network, remotely connected over the Internet, or offline using data entry templates.

Collaboration is imperative, but some information is confidential and other information shouldn’t be widely shared. Quickly and easily set access rules for every member of your team using drop-down menus. Security is integrated throughout PROPHIX and maintained throughout all modules, screens and reports. So, if an employee isn’t allowed to see certain information in a specific report, he or she won’t accidentally see the data. Plus, the data entry templates ensure everyone can contribute, without seeing unauthorized information entered by other employees.

Personnel Planning in PROPHIX allows you to easily handle the many variables involved in numerous payroll calculations; providing the control, accuracy and flexibility required for personnel data analysis. This data is highly sensitive and has a direct impact on the bottom line of most organizations every year, therefore, PROPHIX integrates the personnel data with the main financial data to provide precise consolidated numbers for complete accurate data analysis and planning.

Forecast or analyze multiple planning scenarios with SPEED

PROPHIX gives you the tools that ensure forecasts are reflective of changing market conditions and makes data readily available to forecast on the fly. Quickly combine year-to-date data with your budget projections with easy-to-use Wizards to create new expense and sales forecasts. Easily allocate and spread data within forecasts, or create and save various formulas for all your calculated projections.

Use PROPHIX’s flexible scenario management to create short-term operational plans or long-term strategic plans. Using the interactive, graphical Delta Analysis™ tool or InfoFlex™ process, create different business scenarios based on actual or budget data or based on other scenarios. From resource usage or capital expense planning to revenue planning, PROPHIX offers the ability to test business assumptions and proactively plan scenarios. Take strategic plans even further by generating measurable KPIs and monitor changes in dashboards or scorecards.

Analyze ACCURATE data in one place

PROPHIX saves time and ensures data is accurate by creating a centralized data source. Consolidated financial reporting is made easier by the ability to create adjusting journal entries, allocate revenues or expenses, and perform intercompany eliminations within the integrated Financial Controller module. Consolidate data from any ODBC-compliant source at a click of a button, or completely free the finance staff from consolidation tasks by automating imports to run on schedule. Easily manage multiple currencies without handling broken spreadsheet links or formula errors.

Eliminate the dependence on finance personnel and allow them to spend more time on decision making rather than data processing and validation. With specified roles and permissions, allow users to securely perform their own data analyses. Give departments the ability to jump straight into analysis from formatted key financial reports. Users can slice and dice data or drill up, drill down, and drill through to source data systems using a simple drag-and-drop interface. PROPHIX also provides visuals to make it easy to analyze data and identify variances at a glance.

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