One relationship, one contract, one purchase order, no searching!

“Consulting-On-Demand” was created by TLC Technologies to help companies eliminate the transactional costs associated with acquiring consultants. It does this by addressing the three shortcomings in the marketplace–Consistency, Cost and Capability.

Each time a company identifies a consulting need; a flow of requests, paperwork, interviews and purchase orders steal valuable management hours away from Senior Finance and IT Managers. "Consulting-On-Demand" efficiently streamlines this process by:

Providing Consistency and Capability - Client companies have an assigned relationship manager who controls the continuity of knowledge regarding the client applications, and assures that capable resources familiar with the applications are assigned to the work order at hand. "Consulting-On-Demand" eliminates the need to review and explain the application and business environment to the New Consultant.

Minimizing Costs - In your organization, how many people are involved in a consultant justification and human resource request? Imagine what you could accomplish if six or seven times a year you could avoid the paper chase of consultant approval. "Consulting-On-Demand" eliminates requests and justifications.

Innovative to the industry, "Consulting-On-Demand" delivers benefits which meet every company's financial and managerial objectives:

  • Define regular spending patterns
  • Access to certified consultants
  • Eliminate candidate search and interview
  • Reduces frequency of legal review
  • Reduces issued purchase orders
  • Zero based headcount
  • Client defines hour/rate multiples
  • Remote development

Business Intelligence products have evolved into a complex delivery platform. As a result, many companies are seeking a consulting partner that can consistently deliver high quality service, within the contract price, and on the client's schedule. We are very pleased with the service model we have developed - "Consulting-On-Demand" - it meets our client's needs!

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"Consulting-On-Demand has given our company more opportunity for strategic planning. TLC helped us stabilize our consulting budget, eliminate paperwork and immediately start new projects. TLC does the work, while we concentrate on the business!"